Move2Veg is all about helping you meet your health goals!

Whether you are taking the first step, or renewing your long-term commitment to plant-based eating, it helps to have support and guidance. ‚Äč

What can I expect?
All appointments include a brief assessment of your current eating plan to determine if you are getting healthy amounts of key nutrients. 

We will review nutrition recommendations for health and discuss strategies for meeting those guidelines.

You will learn about balanced plant-based eating and receive resources or educational materials to support your healthy efforts.
At special appointments, I will review your lab work, discuss clincial goals, and instruct on condition-specific recommendations and therapies.

Why Choose an RD?
RD's (Registered Dietitians) are food and nutrition experts, translating the science of nutrition into information you can use for healthy living.

The expertise, training, and credentials that back an RD are vital for promoting positive lifestyle choices. 

RD's have a degree in nutrition, dietetics, or public health. They must complete an internship, pass a national exam, and meet continuing education requirements. 

When you need food and nutrition information based on fact, or want to know how diet can improve health and fight disease, rely on a qualified professional!